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EVENT DETAILS - Cardrona Event



EVENT DETAILS – Cardrona Event

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General Info
Entry Info
Course Maps
Handicap System
Race Rules

General information
Event description
The Cardrona extreme Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is epic in size and nature with up to 4800 vertical meters of descending.  Its an event for the more adventurous rider, weather young to old, who loves riding their Mountain bikes down-hill. It draws in the riders who seek to have serious fun and hone their skills on long flowing (sometimes testing) natural downhill trails. The beauty of the event is that it can be won by anyone from laid back social weekend warrior, to cross-country machine, passionate Enduro rider, or mad downhill rider. Skills, fitness and tactics play an equal role in the execution of each ‘Race Stage’ timed run over the course of the event to decide who will be crowned Extreme Gravity Enduro champions. In addition to the overall winners we also run a handicap to determine the most improved male and female rider from race to race.

The April extreme Giant 2W Gravity Enduro is run from the historic Cardrona Hotel in the small old gold mining township of Cardrona, located on the Crown Range Road between Wanaka and Queenstown. Starting and finishing under a big gantry in the Cardrona Hotel garden bar, riders will roll out in groups of four every 15 seconds. Journeying out on a short 2km marked route down the valley, riders will reach the dedicated central pick-up point where they can be shuttled from up the ski field access roads to the top car parks.

In this extreme Enduro riders complete the four special Race Stages’ in the specified order. Provided with a map, riders first travel a set course to locate the central shuttle pick-up point in the valley.  From the shuttle drop off points riders cycle and push their bikes on what are commonly known as un-timed touring 'Liaison Stages' to locate the special Race Stage starting gates. Race Stages are electronically timed runs of considerable duration on specific marked trails and routes from ridge and mountain top to the valley floor.

There will be a ‘Feed Station’ and ‘Technical Zone’ in a convenient location on the valley floor for competitors to purchase great coffee and wholesome food, plus get assistance with any mechanical repairs required. So be sure to take some cash with you!

But keep an eye on your watch because you will be given a set time (somewhere between 6 – 8hrs) to complete the four special Race Stages and return back to the finish before you begin to accumulate a time penalty (six seconds per each minute you are late). 

Category podium place-getters will be those riders with the lowest accumulative special Race Stage times, plus any time penalty for late return to the finish.

Special Notes:
  1. For rider safety at this Cardrona extreme event, FULL FACE HELMETS & KNEE PADS must be worn on each of the special Race Stages. We will check for these at the start and riders not wearing them will be not allowed to start. During all other times on the bike, approved helmets (open or full face), must be worn while riding, even in the dedicated shuttle pick-up point and ski field car parks! Gloves, Elbow pads and back protection are strongly recommended, but not compulsory.
  2. For safety purposes, all riders must carry a fully charged mobile phone in a zip-lock bag.
  3. All riders are also required to carry a minimum of a spare set of brake pads, a tube, a pump and a multi tool with them throughout the event. There is no outside mechanical assistance allowed on the special race stages.
  4. Whilst any type of bike is permitted, due to the technical nature of the terrain, soil, rock and vegetation encountered in parts of special Race Stages it is strongly recommended competitors ride a dual suspension ‘trail’ or ‘all mountain’ bike (normally with 5-6? travel); and run tough walled tubeless tyres with plenty of sealant inside. 
Further Notes:
  1. Riders must complete each of the four special Race Stages A-D to be eligible for performance prizes.
  2. Riders may only do each special Race Stage once. 
  3. Special Race Stages A-D must be done in the order stated and are on well-marked trails and routes with sections of varying difficulty from easy to technical, and comprising of approximately 90% downhill and 10% undulating or uphill in each run.
  4. Riders will be provided with a race map of the wider race area to locate the special Race Stage starts, dedicated Shuttle Pick-up point, Feed Station and Technical Zone.
  5. Riders who enter the self-shuttle must organise their own vehicle and driver to shuttle themselves up the ski field access roads. We suggest groups of friends get together, use one vehicle with adequate bike racking, find a driver for the day and and car pool.
  6. Riders who enter with shuttling provided have four up-lifts available to them and can chose to jump on any of the dedicated event shuttles. Shuttle buses will be in operation to exclusively transport such competitors from the dedicated pick-up point on the valley floor up to the top ski field car park on their assigned travel route. From there riders must liaise under their own steam to the start of the special Race Stages. The shuttle will operate for the duration of the event when they are first filled to a TBC time in the afternoon. Shuttles have the capacity to uplift 106 riders and their bikes per trip and round trips take roughly 45-60min depending on the size of the vehicle and length of the climb. 
  7. Riders must be self-sufficient from start to finish and have either cash (NZ Dollars) on them to purchase food, drink, and technical service repairs at the Feed Station and Technical Zone, or carry their own supplies with them.
  8. The Technical Zone will carry basic spare parts such as tubes, tyres, oil, sealant, chains, brake pads etc. There will be a cycle mechanic, plus additional work stand and some basic tools for competitor use.

Photos by Derek Morrison

Entry Info
Single Course: Four special Race Stages to complete within the allocated time frame (this will be different each race).

Two Entry Options:

• Self-Shuttled - Rider organises their own shuttle transport. We suggest finding a driver, vehicle and car pooling with your riding buddies. STILL AVAILABLE

• Shuttles Inclusive - Event shuttle transport is provided for riders (note: limited to 106 riders) SOLD-OUT

Individual Categories:
Junior      under 19 years
Adult       19 – 29 years
Senior     30 – 39 years
Veteran   40 – 49 years
Master     50 plus years 

(Note: Age on race day).

Entry Fees:

Early Bird        $124.00   (Closes: 11:45pm Friday 14th March 2014)
Standard Fee   $139.00  (Closes: 11:45pm Friday 11th April 2104)
Late Fee          $160.00  (Closes: 9:00am Sunday 13th April 2014)

Shuttles Inclusive - Limited to 134 riders*
Early Bird        $184.00   (Closes: 11:45pm Friday 28th February 2014)
Standard Fee   $199.00   (Closes: 11:45pm Friday 11th April 2014)
Late Fee          $220.00   (Closes: 9:00am Sunday 13th April 2014)

* = Online entries will close early if the maximum entry numbers are reached before the above indicated dates.

Make Up A Team: Friends, family and workmates are encouraged to put together all male/female or mixed social teams of four riders to do the event together for the opportunity to rank as a group and vie for team performance prizes. All riders individual results will be accumulated to give the teams overall result. Riders will be able to submit their teams by completing the "My Giant 2W Gravity Enduro" Team Registration Form" and dropping it in the 'Team Registration Box' at the Race Pack Pick-up and Late Registration. Team submissions will close at 9:00am on the morning of the race. No late submissions will be accepted. Mixed teams must have one member of the opposite sex.

Cardrona Entry:

(Note: Entries open at 1:00pm on Friday 1st June 2013)

Postal Entries: (i.e., pay by cheque in the mail)— please click here (PDF document coming soon).
(Postal entries close two weeks prior to race date on Friday 28th March 2014 and will be accepted provided maximum entry numbers have not been exceeded).
(All postal entries will be sent a confirmation e-ticket by email once processed).

Provided maximum entry numbers have not been reached, last minute entries will be accepted at the race pack pick-up and late registration venues up to 9 am on the morning of the event. See the event timetables below for dates, times and locations.

Please note:

All prices are in NZD and include GST.

  1. Parental or guardian consent is required for all persons under the age of 15 yrs. 
  2. A late entry fee of an additional $21.00 (GST incl.) will apply to all entries as of the close of the respective event online entry.
  3. No refunds will be given after the close of the events Early Bird entries. Refunds prior to this will incur a $10.00 (incl. GST) administration fee per race entered. Please contact us by email to withdraw.
  4. Entries are not transferable after the close of online entries.
  5. In the case of the event being cancelled for safety reasons or a natural disaster, entry fees will not be refunded or transferred.
Dare2Sweat Events Ltd accepts no liability for damaged, lost or stolen goods. All personal property or hired equipment is the responsibility of the competitor.

Event permission has been granted by the land owners, lease holders and business managers. Please embrace the generosity and spirit extended to you by treating the area and others who visit with care and respect.

Maps & Diagrams
Event Venue (Rego & Prize Giving), Plus Start/Finish Diagram: Please click here to view (PDF Document coming soon).

Shuttle Pick-up, Feed Station & Technical Zone Diagram; Plus both Shuttle Drop-off Diagrams: Please click here to view (PDF document coming soon).

Race Map: The race map (containing each special Race Stage, the Shuttle Pick-up Point and the Feed Station/Technical Zone) will be available for collection at the race pack pick-up.

Practice Prohibited
Each of the special Race Stages are located on private land and for this reason rider access for practice is strictly prohibited. Please respect the property owners and lease holders. Anyone found on private land prior to race day will be automatically disqualified from the event and refused entry into any future event organised by Dare2Sweat Events.

Early Race Pack Pick-up: 5:00 – 8:00pm Saturday 12th April 2014 in the historic Cardrona Hotel, Crown Range Road, Cardrona.

Late Race Pack Pick-up: 6:00 – 8:00am Sunday 13th April 2014 in the historic Cardrona Hotel, Crown Range Road, Cardrona.

Race Briefing: 8:45am Sunday 13th April 2014 behind the start line in the garden bar of the historic Cardrona Hotel property.

Start Times
Shuttle Inclusive entrants: Between 9:00 – 9:10am
Self Shuttle entrants: Between 9:15 – 9:30am

Start Sequence: Riders will clock in and roll off the race start line in groups of four every 15 seconds when they reach the front of there respective entrant queue. There will be four timing boxes at the start/finish line so four riders (an entire social team) will be able to clock in and out, to begin and finish the event all at once, making it a very social affair.

Prize Giving
: The awards ceremony will be held in the Garden Bar of the historic Cardrona Pub between 5:00–5:30pm once everyone has finished and final results are ready.

There will be a carnival atmosphere at the finish with great music, food/drink and shaded table seating in abundance.

Photo by Derek Morrison

We understand that within any event there are those who are competitive and those who are not. We therefore endeavor to fairly acknowledge participation and recognise achievement (within age group and category).

Acknowledgement of participation
Each entrant will receive a fantastic race pack at registration and go in the draw for a share of a handsome quantity of quality spot prizes – thanks to our wonderfully generous family of sponsors.

The current ESTIMATED TOTAL value of product to be given away over all the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro races this 2013-14 summer season is = $45,000.00

Spot prize draw prizes
We try to exceed expectation when it comes to providing participant returns.

All competitors present at the awards ceremony will go in the draw for some fabulous spot prizes.

To find out what items you have a chance of winning in the spot prize draw, please click here.

Achievement awards

Individual awards – winner’s jerseys and performance prizes will be handed out to the top three place getters in each age category.

Social Team awards – performance prizes will be handed out to the top all male, all female and mixed teams.

Performance prizes in the form of Wildside travel cash vouchers to the value indicated below, will be issued to the overall top three performing individual male and female competitors (regardless of age group), as well as the fastest man and woman on each of the five Race Stages at both race 1 and race 2. An account will be set-up at Wildside travel in the recipients name.

1st = $500.00
2nd = $350.00
3rd = $200.00
Race Stage win = $50.00

Total number of performance prizes awarded at the race = 45
Total value of vouchers awarded at the race = $2500.00

Grand total vouchers awarded over the course of the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro races this 2013-14 summer season = $7800.00

Handicap System

PowerGlide have come on board as an 2W Gravity Enduro event sponsor and helped developed and introduce a handicap system to encourage riders who don’t have a realistic chance of taking a line honors podium position, but would like to be recognised for the improvement they have made from the previous event.

In short this is how it works...
If you complete all timed special Race Stages in the 2014 Cardrona Extreme Giant 2W Gravity Enduro event, you will be given a handicap rating based on how far behind the event winner you finished.
In the following years Cardrona event, your total finish time (including any time penalties) will be multiplied by your handicap rating, and this will give you your “corrected time” result. If you have improved your time relative to other riders, but still finish behind a fellow competitor, you could still beat them on corrected time if your improvement based on the last event was greater than theirs.

PowerGlide will be presenting ‘Most Improved Rider’s Prizes’ at each subsequent Cradrona event to recognise the male and female winners on handicap.

For the full details on how handicap system works - click here

Race Rules

  1. Riders may only use one bike for the duration of the event.
  2. An approved cycle helmet must be worn correctly whenever a rider is on their bike.
  3. A full face helmet and knee pads must be worn by riders on special Race Stages.
  4. Race number plates must be fitted to the handle bars of competitors bikes and not be altered in any way.
  5. Road rules apply on both public and private roads.
  6. Riders must follow the marked course to and from the Cardrona Hotel to the dedicated shuttle pick-up point.
  7. Riders must not take short cuts on special Race Stages. If a rider goes of course they must rejoin the course at the exact same spot. If event directional tape is broken they must stop and re-join the tape.
  8. Slow riders must give way to faster riders ASAP. Fast riders are advised to give plenty of forward warning of their approach and suggest a side they wish to overtake on (e.g., ‘rider coming’, ‘on your right’). The onus is on the overtaking rider to make the pass happen. Courtesy and patience is the key.
  9. In the event a rider comes across an injured rider, the rider must stop and assess if they are o.k. If they are seriously injured ensure oncoming riders have forewarning of the accident scene, then send a coming rider down the track to get help from a course marshals and the event medical crew. Any time a rider losses helping out a fellow rider will be rewarded with a pro-rated time from the competitors other stages.
  10. In the event a rider comes across a high visibility vest on the ground on the Race Stage path, the rider must dismount and push their bikes past the accident scene down track. Only once the rider is past the accident scene can he/she mount their bikes and continue racing. 
  11. Riders are not permitted to take any other form of motor transport between the start/finish and dedicated shuttle pick-up point. *Breach of any of the above will result in disqualification.
  12. Riders must return to the start/finish within the time allocated otherwise a time penalty of 6 seconds per minute overdue will be added for late return to the finish in town.

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